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Originally Posted by Justin5309 View Post
Thanks to everybody that provided constructive advice with respect to eliminating some of the lawn clippings while mowing. I will try all of these techniques: Driving slower, getting new blades, etc in an effort to improve my lawn cutting experience.

I mentioned in my original post that I was thinking about getting into the biz. Many of you assumed that this is all I would be doing to earn income. The fact of the matter is I have a good full time job where I earn plenty of money. I am a bit of a workaholic though and I was looking for additional ways to make money; I also was hoping to teach my son responsibility in owning a business; oh and I love to drive those zero turns.

I thought this forum was an opportunity to learn from others who have learned some of these lessons already; not an opportunity for those who feel they know everything in the business to showcase their knowledge in disrespectful and a condescending manner.

Again, thanks to everyone who provided constructive advice. I'll let you know how things turn out.
I'm all for helping someone out. Here's where I feel different. Do you think the CEO of Burger King goes on a forum and asks the CEO of Mcdonald's if they should raise the price of their Whopper? Or should they add more items to the menu?

Once you figure out how to use the mower. I can slap money on the table and bet you'll be asking "how much would you charge" to cut this yard along with all the other things you should have already studied up on when it comes to operating a LCO.

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