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we are a 40 yr construction contracting company that added seal coat 1 1/2 ago due to alot of customer request... we did alot of research and being in the family construction biz we had a good idea what we wanted and what equipt would/wouldnt work..

we wanted to run a small tank/ approx 110 gallon to fit in small truck/trucks our reasoning was of course the obvious storage/licensing/insurance/plates of the larger vehicle, we ended up building our own equipt.. we use a poly tank and built two different versions of agitation a hand/paddle agitation and also a paint style 'propeller mixer from the top both work well but we prefer the propeller style.. right off the start we wanted to reduce fuel cost to run the equipt was very important to us and would increase margins this derived from years in the construction business running gas equipt.. we ultimately added a power inverter dc to ac to run our mixer.. we use a 12 v diaphragm pump designed for pumping/spraying ag chemicals with heavy grit which produces about 100 psi.. we love our system that's all electric ran right off a little chevy s10 and it saves us a ton in operating cost.. pumps/sprayers are very cheap and we have yet to have an issue but carry spare pump in the event a quick change out is needed, we do flush with clean water at the end of the day.. total investment of about 700 dollars, it does require some mechanical knowledge to put together (a little sweat equity).. it gives us the option of spraying or hand applying without buckets as we just pump the sealer without tip to the drive and brush/squeegee/ and or spray.. we prefer spray as it gives a beautiful result but you do run into those that insist on hand applied, we don't argue just give em what they want!! alot of guys like the larger tanks but we have 3 suppliers withing 4 miles so its nothing to fill up in the morning like going to the gas we mainly do residential and if we need larger capacity for a bigger job we just trailer another small tank but its rare we need this.. bottom line is you have to fit a system to your business plan and with a spray system it can also be utilized for pumping sealer for hand applied.. the deal with a spray system is you need to match the tip with your pump/psi for optimal results, most seal coat tips are the 80/70- 80/20 style but you can get the same tips meg style with smaller gpm orfice rating.. we have since separated the sealing from our construction company and it really makes a good margin.. image is alot for us, we run a clean truck/lettered, and push our enviromental/green advantages.. like i said we have three suppliers close brewer/gemseal/sealmaster, we opted after trying all to go with the ae sealmaster as part of the green effort we push.. we do like brewers product "coal tar" but in our area a big stink was made regarding coal tar banning and even lowes/homedepot pulled there coaltar products from the shelf.. alot will come down to your business model/budget but you can have a very nice system for a small investment.. p.s sure is nice and quiet running electric compared to gas equipt..
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