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Originally Posted by ProStreetCamaro View Post
Are the stens blades he gave you flat on the bottom? The stens blades I buy are flat blades and don't have that small arch to them. I actually think the flat blades might cut a little better than the oem blades. BUT the oem blades do hold an edge longer because they are marbane. The stens have a longer cutting edge also.

Here are my stens laid next to new G6 blades

This is my cut quality with the stens blades. This was done with my 160Z but it has the same deck as our new 400 series. Nice clean smooth cut.

I think your on to something. My SZs and a lot of others like Exmark have long gone with the flat blade (no hump) and the longer cutting edges. I understand the longer cutting edge is not so much for cutting as it is to add more lift like an airplane wing. I also see many of these blades with good results using a notched lift wing instead of rolled. I still have not heard a good reason why a slight hump in the blade would have any positive effect. Plus they're a little harder to sharpen when using a dedicated blade sharpener. I'll be looking for a long lasting, flat, notched lift I think. Maybe Oregon offers something in a fusion. If your picky don't forget to readjust your deck for the slight difference in cut height due to difference in blades being flat or humped.
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