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Originally Posted by David Gretzmier View Post
I had a gentleman say this to me the other day- you know, if we were just talking about 1, 3, heck even 10 fixtures inside my house, and I knew they were needing to be outright replaced in 8, 12 years, I would never agree to that. why would I even remotely agree to replace 38 fixtures in 12-15 years. "ridiculous". I can't really argue the point.

The "field replaceable" modules do give me some hope. but again, they are very new...
Most people will renovate their landscape in 10-15 years anyway, it doesn't make sense to me what he said. In my area, after installing 10,000 LEDs or so, I have never had that conversation. Most like the fact no bulbs to replace. CA has it power problems and electricity is expensive, I do have that in my favor.
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