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Originally Posted by orangemower View Post
I'm all for helping someone out. Here's where I feel different. Do you think the CEO of Burger King goes on a forum and asks the CEO of Mcdonald's if they should raise the price of their Whopper? Or should they add more items to the menu?

Once you figure out how to use the mower. I can slap money on the table and bet you'll be asking "how much would you charge" to cut this yard along with all the other things you should have already studied up on when it comes to operating a LCO.
Wow, dude this thread would have been a lot better off if you would just quit posting. You don't have anything to help the dude out just stay off here.

I didnt research a dam thing when I got into the business 13 years ago. Didnt know squat. Im now grossing right at 100K per year. Nobody needs to research a dam thing to cut grass. Sounds to me like you would have been a perfect politician or lawyer honestly.
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