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Originally Posted by GMLC View Post
In the Gravely manual it says pitching the deck creates more engine power to cut grass. Heeling the deck creates better cut quality. Gravely recommends a 1/8 pitch for the best balance.
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Yea, that's a common pitch number. Deere shows anywhere from 1/8"all the way to as much as 1/2" depending on the exact mower deck and machine. Most manu's show 1/4" as std. A too steep pitch will leave furrows where each blade passes over the grass, but it takes an extrem pitch to do that. Also, remember that manu's show what will work for their decks under any all around conditions/regions. Playing with the pitch can really make a difference in your stripes depending on your exact grass types, and climate. down south, less may pitch may work best, but if you take a poll here, you'll find most guys are pitching their decks 1/4" or slightly more for the best looking cut and stripes (in northern climes).
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