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I run a Gravely Pro-Turn 152, bought it new in June 2010. It has a 24hp Kawasaki FX engine, and hydrogear 3400 integrated pumps/motors. I used it commercially the past two years, and I never found a property that it couldn't handle. I have 330 hrs. on the machine and I have had no problems, and it cuts great. I've done the normal oil and hydro changes, keep the air filter clean, adjust belt tension every week, and other than that I just put gas in it and go. I have never even had to go back to the dealer or anything, no adjustments, nothing needed. This is probably one of the best pieces of equipment I've ever used, and I've used about everything. The quality control at the Gravely plant must be top notch, because it isn't very often that you run a machine without needing some kind of adjustment or something after a few hundred hours. This is a money making machine that is very low maintenance, and super high quality.
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