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Well it looks like everything is pointing toward adding more pitch than 1/8' that it's set at now to possibly eliminated the few stragglers I have here and there. I'll give it a try and see what happens. Thanks for the schooling.

Has anyone adjusted a 400 series deck yet? I'm also confused on the need for blocking under the deck for the process as it says in the owners manual (not on the edge guard but on the lip of the deck). I just dropped the deck to the 3.5" mark like they recommend and used my new John Deere blade height gauge I bought for less the $7 and adjusted side to side then front and back on both sides and rechecked. The blocking of the deck they talk about in the manual makes no sense to me. If the deck is supported by blocks how in the heck do you get a reading?

By the way I also found that the surface your on has to be dead pan flat or things are thrown off more than you'd think. The concrete surface I'm using I thought was as flat as any and found out differently when I started chasing my tail around the deck adjusters.
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