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Alright I have a situation... You all know that I just recently acquired that gas station a couple of weeks ago. When I initially cut it, there were some brown spots.. Then when I went back to cut it the second time, the brown spots were more prominent. I tried several times to get ahold of the owner so he could show me where the timers were, because he was too busy to do that when he hired me... Never got ahold of him. Yesterday I go to the gas station to get a drink, and noticed that half of the grass is brown. It is really bad. So I FINALLY get ahold of him, and he tells me over the phone where to go to look at the timer.. So I get there (in the kitchen area of the gas station), and look exactly where he tells me to look, and find that it has been replaced with a first aid kit, and the wiring is dangling from the ceiling...

So I go outside, locate the valves, (which are a mess) and see that there is a water shut off valve inline to the valves.. it is turned to the ON position.. I try to manually turn on the valves, and nothing happens.. So I try to locate the source of the water to the valves, and am unable to.

I met him this morning, and we go over all these findings and I ask him a simple question. Since the sod was put in (In November) have you actually PHYSICALLY ever seen these sprinklers on? His answer: No I can't say I have..

SO I HAVE NO IDEA IF THESE THINGS ARE EVEN HOOKED UP TO ANY KIND OF WATER SOURCE... The guys who did it were (excuse me if I offend anybody) illegal, didn't speak English, and whenever my customer asked them to show him how to turn on the sprinklers, they said they were too busy..

So the grass is dying, and I have no idea where to start to figure out this system.. I have traced the piping the best I can to find a possible location for water supply, and have found NOTHING.
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