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Originally Posted by cindyb View Post
Go with the skimmer especially if you have trees, catches the leaves before they hit the bottom.

Decide if you want a koi pond, goldie pond or water feature, there is a big difference on filtration. I can pm you the koi site I mod on, excellent construction site. If this is your first pond, it helps to know what you need to do. If you want fish, you'll need mechanical and biofiltration. Alot can be done as DIY to save some money. Learn by our mistakes.
Are you insinuating that this gentleman CANNOT obtain correct information on this forum? The veteran members of this forum have many, many years experience in designing, constructing and maintaining hundreds of ponds and other Water Features. Admittedly, there are probably a few Hacks that are members, but they rarely post because they are quickly corrected for their inaccuracies. However, for the most part, any information that is gleaned from this forum is backed up by years of hands-on field testing and/or accepted peer-reviewed scientific fact. You will rarely find this level of informational quality on a DIY forum.
We HAVE to know what we are doing to be able to guarantee our work, otherwise we are quickly out-of-business. Word-of-mouth, anecdotal information is not necessarily factual, nor does it usually have any basis is science.
"Everybody is ignorant, only on different subjects." - Will Rogers
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