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Originally Posted by jbell36 View Post
21" metro X series...i believe that is the "new" one that came out in only complaint with it is it has a kill switch on the engine that you have to hold down for 5 seconds to turn the machine off as opposed to the jx85 where you pull that throttle back to the off position and simply walk away as it is shutting down

i love toro mowers but have never liked their 21" mowers...
How has the exmark been for bagging and mulching? Have you had any durability issues? Is the machine easy to control?

My dealer has a few leftover 2010 models with the honda gsv 190 engine. They are the S series ones not the X series ones. He also has the 2012 models that apparently underwent some some modifications including a new multi-purpose blade, more ergonomic handles, and a new material for the tires. The 2012 models he has are the x series with the kawasaki FJ180 Kai engines.
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