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Originally Posted by jbell36 View Post
bags fine...doesn't mulch as well as the jx85 but i also don't have a mulching blade on there...i wouldn't get the s series, i believe it doesn't have a BBC...i love the tires on it, actually better than the handles awesome, it's just easy to maneuver unlike the honda''s pretty durable, but our employees didn't get it strapped down one day and it hit the side door of the trailer and bent up the self propel bar pretty good, i see it as a design flaw really, they should have prepared for things like that, it wouldn't take much to protect that bar a little more...overall i really like the mower, would buy another...i wish john deere had their **** straight, i'd have 2 or 3 jx85's...

my other thought has been getting a 26"...we have 36's to fit into backyards but there are times where you need a smaller push...the y'bravo seems like a really nice favorite part is how the cables are on the inside of the handle bars so they don't get snagged on's also very seems very shady though, i called them and it seemed like it went to some dude's cell phone voicemail and i never got a call back...
I wouldn't touch the exmark 26". I bought one the first year it came out in 2005. It had too many mechanical issues, was heavy as heck, and could only bag as the engine was too small for mulching. I like the YBravo but they don't deliver to Canada and until they have a bigger network, it might be wise to wait. Next year, toro is supposed to be bringing out a 30" commercial version of their 30" timemaster. Maybe that might be a good solution.

Thanks for the information on the exmark. I've been tempted to get this mower to replace my 2008 exmark metro 21" (same as the toro proline). I wanted to see what others have experienced with this new exmark before buying. I agree with you too. I do wish John Deere would get their stuff together too.
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