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Asked the guy that does my lawn fert stuff about this. They are a fairly large company (state-wide but not nation-wide). He said it would cost about $350 to do 8000 sqft (about 1/3 of the lawn) as a "trial run". That's for aeration and top dressing with compost. He said the compost won't level the yard. He said if I water quite a bit to soften the lawn up before they aerate, the plugs would be about 1/4" to 1" long, depending on soil compaction. Does all that sound about right? Does the lawn look pretty bad (due to the plugs and compost) for a while? How soon can you mow afterwards?

Still need to find someone in the Houston area that will top dress my lawn to level it out. I don't think top dressing for lawn leveling is very common around here.
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