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Originally Posted by darryl gesner View Post
Might wanna start a thread in the irrigation section here. But unless you have an irrigation license and unless you want to own this whole mess, I'd have the owner contact an irrigation specialist. In the mean time you might wanna run some hoses and a sprinkler out there and try to rescue the turf before it's gone for good.

You and I think a lot alike. I already told the owner he needs to get some hoses out there with a couple of oscillating sprinklers or something to get the turf watered for now. My dad, who was in the business for 18 years, is very pushy. Every time I mention doing something, he has to force his opinion on me, and I sometimes cave in.. But I have to realize this is MY business, not his. I think you are correct about having a specialist coming in and fixing the problem. I am not a specialist, therefore no I do not want to own this mess. It is a large mess.. I can fix smaller messes.. but this is a big issue.

Unfortunately, there is only one actual irrigation specialist in my area, believe it or not, and he is a jerk. I tried to contract out a sprinkler installation job with him once (about 2k worth of business for him) and he was all cool about it until I told him I own a landscape maintenance company and it is for a customer of mine.. So I'm going to have to figure something out quick.
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