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Ok. I don't even want to get on here and admit this. I took it back in the shop and started from scratch on the deck pitch and found out between the cantilever adjusters, clockwise and counter clockwise turning of the bolts, my JD gauge working on a seesaw pivot, and just being plain dumb I had managed to pitch the deck backward. I had the rear at 3 5/8" and the front at 3.5"! 1/8 inch lower in the rear. So I kicked the dog a couple of times and corrected it setting the front at 3.5" and the rear at 3 3/8". Then... I pull out of the shop after putting everything away feeling better, looking forward to tomorrow to test it out (in the rain) and go to put the deck in transport position but no dice. Played around another hour and came to the same conclusion I've read about with guys running Exmarks and some other brands. You can't adjust the deck correctly and still achieve transport height lock. Backed it off till it will barely lock if I pop it up fast and must mash the peddle and forcibly pull the release loose to drop it. At this point everything is off by 1/8". With final settings for 3.5" with front at 3 1/8" and rear at barley 3.5". Not very impressed but I guess if it's the worst problem I find with the unit I can live with my cut being 1/8" off from the gauge. Oh and this is all done with an empty seat, half tanks of fuel, and all four sneakers at 12 psi.
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