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Michigan Suspension Seat V-5300, My impressions

I have about 3-1/2 acres to mow, mostly pretty rough. My new Husqvarna 6128 is proving to be a great ZTR but I have to go slower than I'd like due to the rough ground. I wanted to be able to increase my speeds.

A week ago, I received this seat: and thought I'd share my impressions since there was some interest here.

Impression 1: I think these things are drop shipped from the seat maker because everyone mentions the extremely poor packing. These things weigh about 40 pounds and are just put into a thin cardboard box, no packing, nothing. Mine arrived with the box all torn up and the mounting screws poking out, but somehow the seat was not damaged. Poor first impression, though. I feel bad for the people who got the parcels riding next to it...

2. It's heavy

3. Mounting is standard 11 x 11-1/4 and mounts easily if you have the right bolt pattern. I imagine you could drill holes if not.

4. After installation, the mower wouldn't start. Finally figured out that the Husqvarna requires a normally closed safety switch and the seat comes with a N.O. You can't just leave the harness unplugged because the plug itself is interlocked and needs to be plugged into something to work. I did plug the switch in to the harness and left it out of the seat temporarily. I ordered this switch in case you have the same problem. It's exactly the same switch that comes on the seat, but is N.C.

5. Now that I could actually use the seat, I got to mowing. Seat has an adjustment for your weight and it seems to be pretty effective. You sink into the seat a couple of inches and it's cushiony. Once I got going it was clear that I was riding the bumps way smoother and I was immediately able to mow much faster than before. Actually, I probably got a bit over enthusiastic and went a bit faster than I should have in a few places,

6. In spite of the initial problems which were actually minor, this will be a very good buy for me. It not only allows faster speeds, but even at low speeds, it is much more comfortable and pleasant. I can even tell my wife that I'll be able to save gas and machine hours, which is actually true. I was going to say that on a golf course you wouldn't need it, which is true, but in fact it is a more comfy seat even on smooth ground. I think it's worth the dough.

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