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Originally Posted by Richie@ View Post
Bid 2nd phase lighting job using all LED 35 fixture job using a mere 10% mark up and normal Install price and home owner says OUCH so re figured using Halogen and he went with that quote so until LED drop in price I don't know that I can sell a 35 plus fixture job using all LED , may have to use some LED and blend in halogen here an there.

Anyone else having the same problem , just curious.

To the original post;

First of all, I don't understand why installers think LED is more expensive. At least for me, going LED has actually dropped my prices on lighting a little.

First, I use MUCH smaller and less expensive transformers these days. Second, I use smaller wire. Third, I use less wire, because I am not doing the stupid hub system anymore. Fourth, it's less labor because I'm not doing the hub system anymore. And as far as the cost for fixtures goes - I was using Unique Lighting before. And I've found that the Kichler spot lights and path lights I am using now are approximately the same price as the Unique Odyssey series light fixtures I was installing before. So my fixture price hasn't changed, but my transformers and other materials have gone down and so has our install times.

I guess if before you were installing a really cheap variety of outdoor lighting then yah, the cost of the good LED fixtures are going to be more.

Anyway, no, we haven't had any problems selling our customers with LED at all. Like Tommy said, we don't even mention halogen as an option anymore. Why would we? With smaller transformers, 75% less energy use, and lamps that don't have to be changed for 15 years, why would I want to go with the old-school stuff? Halogen vs. LED is like Carburetor vs. Fuel Injection. There came a time when it was no longer smart to install carburetors. That time has come for halogen outdoor lighting, IMO, right now.

I think your problem is the same problem I had about 5 years ago selling lighting in general. My clientele just wasn't wanting to pay big $$ for a solid brass, Unique Odyssey series system. So I had trouble selling them. Partly because they didn't see me as really an expect in lighting. So we had to work on that a little. And partly because lighting wasn't quite as popular in our area back then. But nowadays lighting around our area seems to be catching on a lot more. Meanwhile, as our company and reputation has grown a lot - I find we now attract a better clientele who don't mind spending some serious dough on outdoor lighting, especially when they aren't going to have to adjust the timer on their system ever (astro timers) or have to change a lamp for 15 years. I find it's whole lot easier to sell lighting systems right now than it's ever been at any point in our company history. I'm loving lighting right now. But if you would have asked me 5 or 6 years ago I would have said I was struggling to sell many lighting jobs at that time as well. These days, we land a lot of them and very easily. Hang in there! It gets easier over time as you learn more!
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