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Originally Posted by MS_SURVEYOR View Post
Good review. I've been eying one for 3 years now. Just can't get the money stashed. Thanks!

Thanks for popping in, Mississippi. I also have lowered the pressure in the tires to about 9 (with a new low pressure gauge as you suggested). I did that after the seat install, but frankly didn't notice a whole lot of difference. Maybe a bit less pressure? the tires still feel pretty hard, especially the front. I wonder just how low can you go? It probably is better, but the seat was the real deal. If you need justification, figure around 20% less gas to be conservative. That should be an easy gimme. I think I'm going faster than that myself, but I have no way to measure it and I don't know how much diff it would make for you. Even just going from 4 to 5 mph is a 25% increase in speed and I'm pretty sure I'm doing better than that.

Maybe I'll measure out a circle on my place and figure it out a little more closely.

Okay, just a rough back-of-the-envelope figuring here: If you mow 4 hours a week now, at 1.5 gph consumption, that's 6 gal/week. That's $24/week at $4/gal. A 25% faster speed would save you about $6 a week. In a 25 week mowing season, that's $150 per year savings in gas. Of course, there are a lot of assumptions there, but that gives you an idea. Actually, around here, there are places like the yard and orchard where I still have to go slow anyway. If your place is pretty wide open, the savings will be more apparent. Plug in your own variables. Plus, you put fewer hours on the machine.
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