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[QUOTE=orangemower;4431379]I'm all for helping someone out. Here's where I feel different. Do you think the CEO of Burger King goes on a forum and asks the CEO of Mcdonald's if they should raise the price of their Whopper? Or should they add more items to the menu?

Soooo, Orange... why are you on here then? You wanna hate on pretty much everyone else and their ideas (Justin) and act (again) like you're the archangel of mowing.

I started out working for the company I bought (Yes... I bought a company). When I was just starting out you could have probably placed bets that I wouldn't last a season even on the worker side of things. After coming into my work ethic my boss said I grew leaps and bounds and after 3 seasons he had to move so he offered me the business.

I made mistakes dealing with credit cards and sold my business to my-now-partner. I got a full time job and got married. I have made mistakes in purchasing mowers incorrectly. The important thing here is NOT whether folks have made mistakes or not but if you've learned from them.

Research and patience will CUT DOWN the amount of mistakes but it will not as you seem to think eliminate them. I love your song and dance but the fat lady has finished singing... I'm done.
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