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I did find something I am not crazy about today with my 460. It never dawned on me how far out the gas tanks sit compared to my 160Z. I like to use the overhang of the mower deck to get under stuff like raised decks on a house. Well I snagged a bolt sticking out of a customers deck and almost ripped a hole in the gas tank. It has a chunk sticking out now but did not penetrate all the way. There seems to be 2 layers to the tank with some kind of white grainy material between the layers. Kind of upset me because the machine is so new and looks so good and here it is damaged already. I know its not gravelys fault. I wish the tanks were a little more inboard so you could use the trim side of the deck to get under stuff. Now I have to make a conscious effort to not do that again.

Other than that I would highly recommend the entire gravely line (100,200 and 400 series) to anybody in the business. The 400 series is so smooth and comfortable it is unreal. Job well done guys and girls!
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