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Originally Posted by mtmower View Post
OCDC is very poor design. Hard to function even when loosened up, chute flap is in the way and effects clippings dispersal, and hard to operate due to clippings getting stuck in air holes and being chopped off or forced through the slot when trying to raise/open.

I hate to hear you don't like your OCDC. I love mine! Maybe I can help. I had some similiar issues when mine was first put on too.

I had already removed the rubber chute. That's the first thing to go on all my new mowers. I didn't see ANY use for it anyway since I had the OCDC installed. I find them useful for one thing only, and that's piling up grass. So to the trash it went. Well once I took it off. It caused the blocker to come out of position when I raised it all the way up. It turned out the rubber chute acts as a spacer and without it the chute blocker would get "hung up". I couldn't pull it all the way up or I would have to get off the mower and line it back up to get it to go back down. Well, if I couldn't pull it all the way up the clipping dispersal wasn't as good because the chute was partially blocked. I wound up welding two small pieces of angle iron on either side of the blocker to extend the channel that it slides up and down in. This keeps it in line and allows me to pull it all the way up. I will upload a couple of pics in this message so you can see what I did.

I have thought of a simpler solution since then. I could have just cut the rubber chute off right there where it bolts on and got the same effect. The "spacer" would still be there, just not the rest of the rubber chute.

The only time I can't pull it up is when there is something caught in one or some of the holes. Grass does not seem to prevent it from raising up but a small stick will. I have actually bent my control arm and had to bend it back in place because it was hung up and I tried to force it. Turned out a hole size piece of wood was stuck in one of the holes.

The only complaint I have about the OCDC is it kind of piles grass up on the top of the right side of the deck. That could be my fault though for taking off the rubber chute. I try to blow my deck off at the end of everyday so not a big issue.

As far as blades and stragglers. I loved the stock Gravely blades but they are too high at my dealer. My dealer carries a hi lift blade that is about $11 and they are just as thick. With our sandy conditions down here I pretty much get to run a set of blades until they are dull and it's time to throw them away. I get about 30-40 hours out of a set of blades. I thought about trying the G6 blades but mulching blades last even less time in our sand. I did find out that Agrisupply has G6 blades to fit our Gravely's for about $16 apiece. I don't know what you guys are paying for them???

My mowers do seem to like sharp blades as well. The only time I have stragglers is when I am either going too fast or I have dull blades. If they are new sharp blades I can cut at a faster speed than when they are dull. The duller the blade, the slower I need to cut to eliminate stragglers. This includes cutting bahia. When I find myself going slower than I like to cut and start seeing a bunch of stragglers then I know it's time to change blades.
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