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I would recommend to start watchin craigslist now, cuz a deal may pop up that u can't pass up. Only buy right now if u find an awesome deal. If u start watchin now it will also give u an idea of what the different mowers r going for, so when u r ready to purchase u know abt what ur gonna pay.

Old Toro ProLine is a good walkbehind that I use. 2 seasons ago when i started i got 36" Toro ProLine for $625 with bagger. This is my 3rd season & just upgraded to 44" Toro ProLine for $700 without bagger. Bagger I have fits both. Also picked up a 44" for parts $100 (deck was rusted out & motor was shot). I have 25 clients & only 1 has fenced backyard & my 44" fits with 6 inches to spare. But still have the 36" for backup or if i get a gate that 44" won't fit through.

Good luck!
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