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Reclaiming the jungle which is my backyard

I have started back working in the yard after having let it go for too long. I have a lot of small trash type trees and bushes to cut down and many, many sticks branches and tree limbs to cut up and pick up.

First, is a lopper the best choice to cut down the small trees and bushes short enough to be able to cut over them with a lawn mower without damaging the blade. Digging up each individual tree is not an option. I have a good brushcutter but figured to cut the trees low enough that I would be continually dulling the blade by hitting the ground with it (lack of coordination).

Second, is there a tool made for manually picking picking up individual sticks, branches etc. while standing up straight? Nothing motorized, just something reasonably priced. I have seen the flimsy things that people use picking up tradh on properties and was hoping for something better. If not, is there something that any of you have come up with to save your backs? The only thing I have come up with is cutting off a broomstick and driving a nail in to it twisted in to a capital "L" shape. Again, I was hoping for something better.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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