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I have a fairly steep yard to mow, a little over 1/2 right now but that will be increasing as I start to tame some of the overgrown areas. Eventually I'll be mowing about an acre.

I have mowed with a 42" box store rider and it does ok but the rider did struggle with the slope. I have also mowed in the past with a JD gx345 (54"), the larger tractor handled the slope better but the deck is too wide for my uneven yard.

The yard is also rough from years of moles not being kept under control before we got here. Eventually I'll fix that but for now I have to live with it. Living in the PNW I need a mower that can cut wet, heavy grass. I don't bag.

Suggestions? smaller ZTR, rider or commercial walk behind? I don't really have a budget in mind and I plan to buy whatever works best for the job.

EDIT: Either new or used I would prefer to have a dealer close if possible. I have JD, Hustler and Cub Cadet nearby, everyone else is 2 hr. away.

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