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How to Charge for Sod Removal?

Hello All,

First post on LawnSite!

I have a potential customer who wants two, larger, curved flowerbed areas cut out of the front yard. All together the area is roughly 750 sq. ft. I'd be using a gas sod cutter (rented) for the bulk of the cutting and the soil is moderately rocky. Oh, there is an irrigation system to watch out for and I'd be doing this solo.

Basically I'm still a baby in the industry and learning my numbers. I've read about some guys charging by the sq. ft. and some by the hour. I was hoping for some advice on what I should realistically be charging for this type of job, in my area (southeastern WA). I'm thinking it should come in at Roughly between 450 and 650 removed, cleaned up, and all sod hauled away (irrigation modification would be separate and the customer has not decided what she wants to do there yet).

Any advice much appreciated! Let me know what you think and if you need more info...

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