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So yesterday was Monday thru and thru. Just one of those days. Got started late (about 8:00). Have had rain on and off every day for three plus weeks and calling for it all this week as well but we had some sunshine so I hit it hard.
On a side note, this deck seems to pack underneath pretty bad on wet and not being use to the odd baffle at the discharge opening takes a little creative scraping. Cut was good though and clipping dispersal compared to my SZ is terrific. I am questioning the 13.4 gallon fuel tanks. Ran one side out till the engine stalled and filled her up and only got about 5.5 gallons in so I have to wonder if they're counting the EPA required air dead space when they are giving capacity. Should be getting close to 6.70 gallons in each side if not.

So back to my day. I got to wear shorts for the first time in a while and wouldn't you know my button center brakes out. So now I'm hobbling around with my fingers crossed that my zipper will do double duty and keep them from hitting my ankles for the whole day. Then my expensive ear buds for my ipod blew a cone on one side so I'm down from stereo to mono. Third yard in with just at 10 hrs on my machine and the main drive belt for the deck comes off when I engaged the deck. Not bad to reinstall and tension seems ok at the idler but I can't for the life of me figure why it came off, so I added a little more tension. Got rained on of course, once by some of the biggest rain drops I'd ever seen. They would explode when the hit the windshield. Few and far between and looked like the size of ping pong balls when they'd hit. I was waiting for the hail but none came. Some wild weather to say the least. Then as I'm driving a SUV hits a deer and they turn around and are getting out, I'm guessing to put it down. Because it's still flopping around and trying to get up on the side of the road. Didn't pull back in my drive till 10:00 pm.
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