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Originally Posted by Gravely Commercial View Post
Something is not set right on your deck as it should not be leaving stragglers. You should contact your Gravely dealer as there are a couple things they can check to fix this for you.

It was my fault. I messed up the pitch. After correcting the pitch to 1/8" it was much better. Also it was like 12:30 am when I wrote the post and I gave my measurements incorrectly. I now have the deck pitch with the rear 1/8" higher than the front. Talking to my rep he recommended going to 1/4" for the best results. I'm going to try this and see if things get even better. My only beef is this will put my gauge reading off by a little over 1/4" in order to have the deck adjusted to get it into transportation mode. If I go from the humped OEM blade to a flat blade (which also may improve on lift/vacuum) this will counter act the inaccuracy of the gauge reading a little.

At just at 10 hrs. on the machine, when I engaged the deck yesterday at idle my main deck drive belt jumped off. It was easy enough to install and tensioner pulley seemed to have adequate tension so I can't for the life of me figure out why it came off. I went ahead and added a little more tension as a possible remedy.
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