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Originally Posted by mtmower View Post
Could you not correct this either due to not being able to get it into transport position? I'm going to have to drop my deck a little still. At 1/8" off from the gauge, it's all I can do to get it to latch and unlatch. My wife can't even do it. With 1/8" pitch it did a pretty nice job. Emailed my rep and he recommends 1/4" pitch, which with the OEM humped blades will put it off by a little over 1/4" from the gauge. If the straight blades work better and I switch to them this will offset the inaccuracy a little.

Yesterday I tried cutting a small area that had not been cut yet this year and was tall (12"-15"), stalky, and not very thick and it left skippers even at slow speed which surprised me. The deck did have a good deal of clippings packed under it so this may have been part of the cause.
My transport position works fine, I checked my deck but it didnt need any adjustments. I left it at 1/8" front pitch. Personally I am happy the height is only an 1/8" off from the gauge. In my experience most mowers are way off, like an inch!
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