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Originally Posted by GMLC View Post
My transport position works fine, I checked my deck but it didnt need any adjustments. I left it at 1/8" front pitch. Personally I am happy the height is only an 1/8" off from the gauge. In my experience most mowers are way off, like an inch!

I know it's not a big deal but it just chaps me that we spend upwards of $12-$18k on a mower and they can't get something as simple and needed as a correctly set height control gauge. Shoot I've bought vehicles for less that travel 70 mph all day, heat, a/c, tunes, carry people and cargo, quietly, comfortably, and safely. Not to simplify too much, but a mower needs to go, stop, and cut grass nicely and accurately. It's all in the details. I know it's not just Gravely and other people have commented about other brands having the same problem and if it were just a matter of an adjustment I wouldn't care. But when it's build so that it can't be adjusted properly and still use transport mode then it's just poorly thought out.

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