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Originally Posted by mtmower View Post
It looks like the flat part of the deck brackets that the adjusters are mounted to are making contact with the bottom of the frame. I thought about grinding a little off the lock finger/pin of the transport lock but haven't gone that crazy yet. Still want to play with a set of straight blades. If I end up with straight instead of humped this will also change things very slightly.
I didnt have much luck with the straight blades. It appears the 52" stens blades are not as close to OEM specs as the 60" stens are. I hope you have better luck than me. I did look at some older Gravely reviews on here and many said the OEM blades had the best cut with the x-factor deck. I want to try the fusion high lift notched. Its just me being cheap..I should just order a few sets of OEM blades and keep them sharp. My thinking is the X-Factor deck is very picky and I know excels with really sharp OEM blades. It must also be picky with different blade designs?
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