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Originally Posted by highlander316 View Post
do you have to take the OCDC off every time you want to use the bagger?
Yes, you do.

Originally Posted by 93Chevy View Post
How are the crews split up? Does one crew cover an area each week, or are the crews broken down into property size? And do any crews co-mingle, as it were, to work on bigger jobs?

I'm in charge of 1 of 4 grass crews at my job. They're mostly broken down into size...1 crew does small commercials, 1 crew does small commercials and small HOA, 1 crew does medium to large HOA and I do large commercial and large HOA.

And how many properties does your crew do every week? I'm responsible for 9 weekly, with 4-5 guys, depending on the day
Our crew does about nine properties a week. Our one wednesday property has 30 man hours on it for maintenance plus two residentials we do that day adding about another 5.5 man hours. We manage more of the the larger scale properties, three other crews do the other larger scale properties and about four other crews do a combo of large to medium sized properties.

All crews have a specific route each week. Sometimes if a crew gets done early and is in the area of another one they will come help them out.

Originally Posted by brandoncuts54 View Post
What type of hand helds do u guys use? blowers and trimmers and stuff
All Stihl backpack blowers, BR600s and BR550s, and mostly Husky 326LS trimmers and some Stihl FS90R's, plus all Stihl gas shears and stick edgers.
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