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Just received a call to my office from DuPont. They stated the offer amount is visible on their screen (not those you call into through the main #), but they can't disclose it. It might be mailed overnight in about 1 to 3 weeks. Also, they confirmed none of the resolutions guarantee any timeframe from the time you sign to the time you are compensated (not 30 days to pay, 1 year, 5 years, upon your death, etc.). That kills the deal for sure.

They just want to see who bites on these lowball, seemingly no guarantee of timely compensation offers. Some are happy with it, especially those who may never even notice the tree missing, like many county/city owned golf courses, where the land is so vast, or those who just don't care to replace anything or don't care about receiving premium quality trees, shrubs, plants or getting privacy back (or those who just have no idea the true value of their loss). I understand why they're doing it this way, but to push so many of us into the court process, which will be more costly for them, is in my opinion bad business and bad for the shareholders. Oh well, glad I don't own that stock.
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