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Originally Posted by TLS View Post
Is this deck not striping or not cutting cleanly?

Stripe is secondary. If your not cutting every blade of grass, that, to me, is a MAJOR problem.
Some of this is my fault. Screwed up the pitch on my deck and it left a straggler here or there. Once corrected to 1/8" it's a non issue. Also cutting in rain for what seems like forever. 100% chance today. Striping is good. I'm the PIA that over thinks and tries to improve on everything.

Not that it's a fair comparison but my standard deck and XR7 SZ leaves a nice cut and stripe. I know everyone complains about them. The X-Factor does as well or better on weekly turf but not as good on 1' tall or taller field grass (more skippers) IMO due to less open front end on the deck. I don't cut this hardly ever so again non issue. Where the X-Factor blows the SZ away is on clipping dispersal. It looks like only half or less clippings coming out of the chute and what does come out magically disappears. I can't stress enough how great this has been. Saves me and hour or more a day of blowing around clippings. The X makes the clippings much smaller than my SZs. The SZs do not clump at all they just leaves an even canopy of clippings over the entire surface, so much so, that you can't see the cut grass in areas. So far the X is the best deck I've cut with in the last several years but it's also been that long since I've spent any time on Scag, Exmark, JD, and Toro.
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