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GMLC, Looks good as always. I just can't get my head around why a straight blade with more cutting edge which would create more lift wouldn't benefit any deck. It must have something to do with your deck size or something to do with baffles and turbulence or a lack of, when switch blade types. I put a call in to Oregon to discuss hump vs. straight and get a recommendation for my 460 in a straight, notched super high lift, full cutting edge, and 3" wide. I may try some G6s as well even though I'm hearing mixed reviews on them on the X. Dennis the Oregon tech is out of the office till Monday though.

Once things dry out here I am also going to try my mulch kit which come with mulching blades. First I've ever purchased. My rep from Washington, where they deal with a lot of rain, claims they primarily run mulch kits out his way. This would be incredible if it works out. Trimming on both sides! No worrying about where clippings are going! Shoot I could have saved my money and not bought a Power Chute!
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