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Looking for advice or info on starting a landscape supply

I had been kicking the idea around about starting a landscape supply yard. This idea really has not even really started the planning stage yet and if it were to even happen wouldn't happen for maybe 5-10 years down the road. I am just trying to get ideas or advice.

My plan is to start off selling mulch (by wholesale from a mulch yard at first and maybe down the line make it my self would need to looking into upfront costs, profits, overhead, ect.) rock, stone, and top soil. Eventually I would be interested in maybe selling pavers and if it really took off produce and sell either annuals and perennials or ship in and sell plants. Also sell firewood and Christmas trees

I would be looking to cater to both homeowners and contractors.

The location I am looking at is any where from 2-10+ acres and is located at a high traffic intersection. I am already cutting the property for the real estate company and I would hope to maybe rent and eventually buy the property.

Does anyone have any other suggestions or advice or recommendations for me before I state to brainstorm and write up a business plane? Again this is just a though and I have not even started and planning for this, just seeing if this is even possible and if there is any money to be made in opening a landscape supply.
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