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Yes, When i started my landscape business I met with SCORE and it was very helpful, Thank you for that info. As for landscaping business debts I would have to check but I do not think I have any. I do need to work on building credit since I do not think I even have a credit score. ( I am young and we have only been in business for 2 years whoch is why I do not think and of this would take place for atleast 5-10 years. As for competition there is only one other true landscape supply in my area and compared to others that I use he is way over priced, the only reason I think he is still in business is because he is the only supply in the area. He is actually starting to cut back more and more every year and I think he will eventually be retiring since he is an older guy. The only other competition would be a store such as Lowes or Home Depot and the local mulch yard that I use which caters only to landscapers and is more interested in wholesale deliveries to landscapers and nurseries.
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