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This is just one of those cases where you pay to play.

Because check it out, those grinding wheels on the Oregon that I have are $100 a piece and they don't last me but 5 years or so.
And that's the 12" wheel, granted the smaller wheels are cheaper but they also wear out a lot faster.
They are not maintenance free, the wheels wear unevenly so you'll need to dress them, a good wheel dressing tool costs $50 or so.
As it wears out every so often it needs to be re-adjusted in terms of height so that the angle stays true.
Smaller wheels require even more frequent dressing, adjustment, and replacement.
I spent $300 to have a 1.5 hp motor with a 12" wheel so I'd have power and reliability.
That $190 Bradley is only a 1/2hp motor with an 8" wheel.

You could always get a regular 4.5" grinding wheel, that's the wheel most angle grinders come with, the grit makes for a rougher edge but I used to sharpen my blades for ...
I think one of those grinding wheels lasted me several years, grinder and all it cost me a $20.

Originally Posted by TuffWork View Post
One tip with a bench grinder. Give it one quick swipe on the back side so the two sharp edges meet. I know it says not to do this in your manuals but in my experience it helps.
I've always done this and for the same reason.

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