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That is good news. Get back in touch with SCORE and have them advise you on how to start to build your business credit and discuss your other plans as well. I would continue
with my day to day opperations and keep your future plans to your self, for now. The closer you get to a launch date the more information you can slowly release. Where you are ATM will provide you with good experience for the future. You may also only want to focus on your landscape supply business within the next 5 to 10 tears anyway. What will be important in the mean time is to look for key people to fill spots within your organization. If you choose to keep your business in house and hirer within your own family, this can work. The key will be that your help must understand that they work for you and the company. Nothing personel if they get fired, just business. Otherwise start looking for other colleagues in the industry and gradually start to groom them for future opportunities that may arise for both parties. Time will go by very fast so start to look at these matters now. I am blessed to have other than my self Two key personnel on staff.
Keep the forum posted as to your progress.
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