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Good morning Lawnsite users! I have decided on a very good law firm to represent me without the class action. They are representing hundreds of individual cases which include homeowners, golf courses, lawn care operators, landscape professionals and have the best fees I've seen (I've been searching for months). They also have teams in place from scientists and arborists to many other fields and universities. If you are a member here and want to PM me for details feel free to do so. I know of people that are still waiting after 6 months from signing DuPont's resolution who have not yet seen any compensation. That tells me a lot. All those who feel comfortable continue the direct resolution process, I sincerely wish you the best and hope you have the satisfactory outcome you desire in the future. Some are fine with that and I'm not critical of your decision. I will continue to interact here until the time I reach a settlement or when I'm in court, at that time I won't be able to say anything more unless it goes all the way to trial and a judgement is issued (in that case there's usually no gag order after the case is complete).
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