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Originally Posted by herler View Post
This is just one of those cases where you pay to play.

Because check it out, those grinding wheels on the Oregon that I have are $100 a piece and they don't last me but 5 years or so.
And that's the 12" wheel, granted the smaller wheels are cheaper but they also wear out a lot faster.
They are not maintenance free, the wheels wear unevenly so you'll need to dress them, a good wheel dressing tool costs $50 or so.
As it wears out every so often it needs to be re-adjusted in terms of height so that the angle stays true.
Smaller wheels require even more frequent dressing, adjustment, and replacement.
I spent $300 to have a 1.5 hp motor with a 12" wheel so I'd have power and reliability.
That $190 Bradley is only a 1/2hp motor with an 8" wheel.

You could always get a regular 4.5" grinding wheel, that's the wheel most angle grinders come with, the grit makes for a rougher edge but I used to sharpen my blades for ...
I think one of those grinding wheels lasted me several years, grinder and all it cost me a $20.
I have used my Bradley to change blades out daily for well over a year...I am thinking it is coming closer to two years at this point at least ...blades everyday getting changed for two mowers and the wheel is not even close being close to being needed to be changed. With our year round season down here, think about how many times that wheel has been used, I would estimate I have at least another 7 to 8 years AT LEAST before that wheel will need replaced. I would say at that point I will have gotten my $200 use out of it dont you?
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