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Beyond the issues mentioned above, take a look at how a search engine sees your site:

The search engines have started getting better at handling frames, as you can see when you follow Tony's link, the description for your domain IS pulling from the inside frame. and if you change the domain in the search he linked to over to the one that actually is serving the pages, you will see that domain does list all of your lawn care inside pages.

I would definitely agree on getting rid of the frames though, get all of the pages to load directly from the lawn care domain instead of your other domain. While I can't say for sure how much it will affect your rankings, currently to google it looks like your domain does nothing but link out to other sites.

In the tool I linked to, at the top left, there is an (i) icon, click on that and it will give you some more information, a lot of it is available in the SEO Quake tool (BTW, if you turn on SEO Quake when you are already at your site, the Diagnose button may not be there, just hit Refresh. Also depending on your screen width, you may not see it as it is the far right button, you may have to hover on the arrow on the right side to scroll to it)

Anyhow, as you can see, there isn't really a lot of meat for the search engines to grab.

Google the terms you are looking for, now use the SEO Quake Diagnose and the link I gave you above to look at every page that comes up on the first page or two of results. You will see a huge difference. That is the plus side of the web, when it comes to sites and SEO you can see most everything that the other person put into their sites to learn how to get better.

Another thing to get is good quality back links to your site, using your terms you are targeting as the link text. Yahoo used to have a great tool for this which sadly they got rid of when they started using Bing for search results. You can do it via google, though: (but in not sure how accurate this anymore. I myself use a tool that gets me the list)

Lastly, I would be concerned about the load time of your page, initial load time was a whopping 3.5 seconds! Google is starting to take into consideration page load times.

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