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Originally Posted by mtmower View Post
Got her dirty today slinging a little water and mud. When I got it I pressed all the stickers to make sure they were on well then I waxed it for the first and probably only time. I cleaned it with my pressure washer and straight water on a medium setting an lost 5 decals and two more started lifting. Never had this happen to this extent. Maybe it was a bad batch?

Tried to get some shots of the stragglers but my cell phone doesn't pick it up real well.
I've always loved driving through that part of Montana, and going to the hotsprings in the fall. Even though I live probably 3 to 400 miles away I cut the same grass just without the beautiful scenery you have. Cool season grasses have always been a pain to get the perfect or acceptable cut in 1 pass. But in the larger lawns it's hard to justify any double cutting. I would keep experimenting with blades, hi lift definately helps. I would try up to 3/8 inch of pitch too. I don't know how your Hustler compares in quality of cut but would think the Gravely would do much better. I didn't like the x factor for mulching much but never tried it side discharging. It's always a battle to find the right mower setup for these grasses.

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