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Originally Posted by Hawkshot99 View Post
Weird looking house with all the different roof areas, but I love the pic with the nice green lawn, and snow capped peaks in the background.

ou live in a beautiful area!
That's a very common high end type northern house design, at least in the mid-west. I've built many,many ,many of them in my life.


The grass looks fine. Besides, if it were me cutting those places, the lines in the grass would be all over the place from staring at the backdrop. I never get tired of looking at stuff like that. The pic you took on the place where you were trying to show the stragglers (looking out over the lawn with the gravel boudry to the right) looks an awful lot like a couple of "subdivisions" we built several homes in when I lived in Alaska. Brought back some pleasant memories for me.
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