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Originally Posted by JDGlandscape View Post
Wow that area is unreal.. i love how the property looks with the rockies in the background I would love to visit an area like that. I like that house and property by the way.

Although you are having a few stragglers, the cut still looks really good in the picture. have you talked to your gravely dealer about this problem?
Yea from a distance or an untrained eye it's looks pretty good. If it's windy or you hit it with a blower that's when you really notice or of course if something is closer to eye level.

I'm originally from out east. Out of high school did custom combining from Texas to Montana and once again did during college. Of course loved it since I was from out east. Found my first true love in MT at eighteen which was a real impact. Of course it was only my first. Went to Kansas for college (Hesston where they make Hustlers). Met my wife at college and this area is where she grew up. Been back here 10 years.

Most of my clients are snowbirds from CA or Canada. It is a pretty cool house. Sort of older parade of homes area. Interior has 10' doors etc.
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