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Originally Posted by GMLC View Post
mtmower, I have never had stragglers like that! I had a couple in fine fescue at high speeds with dull blades which was easily fixed with sharp blades. Yours appear to be on thick grass which shouldn't need the extra vacuum like fine grass. Please keep us up to date.
It seems to be happening a little in both. My wife didn't notice it till I pointed it out. It'll just be a blade or two hear or there in a 3'-5' run but when it's over the whole yard I start to notice. A lot of the time in the fescue you'll see the blade still arched or bent over from it's weight that was never lifted to be cut. This is why I'm still looking at lift/vacuum as a possible remedy. Gonna repitch the deck to 1/4" then maybe even 3/8". It just ticks me off that I'm throwing my deck gauge further off by doing this, but if it corrects the straggler problem I'll do it. Dennis is out of the office for Oregon till Monday. I have a call in to him to get his opinion on which blade he'd recommend. I want to get this corrected prior to trying the mulch kit and bagger.
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