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Originally Posted by ProStreetCamaro View Post
You leave the rops up? I am about to take mine off completely. I am tired of it hanging up on limbs and either ripping them off or pulling them forward and smacking me in the head.

On a side note. Are you guys getting any large puffs of blue smoke on start up? Mine belched smoke so bad yesterday on one start up the truck was barely visible through the smoke. Doesn't do it every time I start it. Maybe one or two times a day it will smoke when I start it.
I finally yanked my ROPs a few days ago. Thought I could teach myself to work with it on but I guess you can't teach and old dog new tricks.

First half a dozen times I started it cold when it was brand new I got smoke. Haven't had it since. Make sure your not overfilled on your oil. I changed the oil at 6.9 hrs with dino Mobile One racing 10w-30 with zinc and plan on switching to synthetic after 50 hrs. My 1000 plus hr EFI Kohler seemed to do this after switching to synthetic. It may only happen about 3-6 times a season know but man is it embarrassing. Looks like someone started a fire on my trailer and sticks to be all.
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