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stolen blower

Hey guys just a little heads up.........My enclosed trailer got broken into last weekend, didn't notice it until Tuesday when I went to go out mowing. I keep the trailer backed up to the gate in my fence at the house. This low life opened the gate to the yard, cut the lock on my drop down gate and went in the trailer.........climbing over my 2 mowers to the front of my trailer and stole my redmax 8050 backpack blower. He then put the gate back up, and closed the gate to the yard. He didn't take anything else, no weedwhackers, hedge trimmers nothing.......just the blower WTF! So it sounds like someone had been watching me, and knew exactly what they wanted. This happened in West Warwick RI..........Just be aware there are lowlifes out there that can't do the right thing and bust their asses, but have to steal from good hardworking people!.............that's my rant lol
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