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I need some advice not sure where to post, Please Help

So let me give you all some information to start out. Last year I was a lawn helper this year I started my own lawn business and got pretty busy all at once couldn’t get enough flyers out when I was really busy and didn’t get enough accounts fast enough long story short. I ran out of money and had to get a job to help…I started working full time at another lawn and landscape company. I now work Monday-Friday with them and do my 6 yards I have left on Saturdays. I am going to get 4 more accounts for Saturday s and get a zero turn. But back to my new job my boss already has big plans for me he wants me to run the crew for 30K salary and now I am not sure if I should do it or start growing my business again? I am not sure what would be best any advice would be awesome!
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