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in 2004 i took an overnight shift job in a warehouse to be able to do my lawn biz during the day. i can say it really does give you time to do it if you can get your sleeping down. i'd work 40 to 50 hours at that job 10 hrs. a night usually lifting heavy boxes mostly, and then get off and do half day mowing monday - thursday so i could sleep from 2pm to 10pm. friday's, i'd get off of my 10 hr. shift, and mow till it got dark, then crash friday night, and would try to keep saturday's for myself if i could.. that was 8 years ago.. i gave up on my biz because i moved up at that warehouse to where i was making 50k a year with good insurance. 8 years later, i just can't do it anymore because my heart isn't in that job, and there is no daytime work option for me there, and i do have a family now, that i hardly ever see. anyways, i just like the green industry.. so i'm doing it all over again.. thankfully i'm on the nightshift, it really does give you time.. it's mentally and phyiscally hell at times, but most days.. not to bad, as long as you can sleep 6 to 8 hours a day, like i get to "most" days. anyways, night jobs might be a good option, they normally pay a bit more because its hard to find people to work at night.

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Yeah thatís what I am thinking but I can't afford not to work for him right now. So it would be hard for me to grow without losing my job but at the same time I don't want my boss to get lead on and I am the only one he trusts right now.
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