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Originally Posted by zak406 View Post
Thats good to hear. My brother just bought an 04 dodge 2500 a couple days of go. What year is yours?? As for my season, it started out great in january when I changed the name of the company to StewartScapes. I wanted more of a name to encompany my families name. As for the next few months I found out in febuary, that I needed to have surgery on my hip. I had been having pain the last few years from playing hockey. I was told possibly, I would be unable to ever play again if I didnt have it taken care of (im still playing in college). However the season has slowly come around, im slowly starting to work again. However the majority of my work is being done by helpers. The pays not as good but it keeps money coming in and the business running...
Mine is a 05. Glad to hear everything is coming around for you still being able to play and get back into working. I played hockey since I was a little kid to high school and played inline when I went to ccac. Kind of got out of it when everyone in their mother loves hockey so much since the pens won the cup in 09 lol
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